[China] criticism blows out on Chinese twitter against US version Doraemon = “destroying my memories” “what’s yours is mine” [America]

[China] criticism blows out on Chinese twitter against US version Doraemon = “destroying my memories” “what’s yours is mine” [America]


12 May 2014, Japanese animation “Doraemon” which will be broadcasted in the United States of America draws attentions of not only Japanese but Chinese too.
In the “US version Doraemon” which will be broadcasted on a Disney children’s channel, local changes are made such as Doraemon’s favorite will not be Dorayaki but instead a pizza, foods on the table to American style, chopsticks to forks, stone-roasted sweet potato stand to a popcorn truck and so on. And words on signs will be changed to English from Japanese. Here are the comments from Chinese internet users.



“They’re gonna eat rice bowls with forks?”

“Why do they have to change the contents to Western style?”

“So they want to neglect Japanese culture?”

“Japanese animation has great influence. Maybe that was their concern”

“wasn’t one of the purpose to broadcast Doraemon was to understand Japanese life? They changed it so much it’s pointless”

“Japanese animation is Japanese animation. Why localize?”

“You don’t have to change it. But you know, they’re Americans”

“what’s yours is mine, what’s mine is mine.” (WAQWAQ: Gian quote)

“I’d prefer the original.”

“If the Chinese Doraemon ate jiaozi or lo poh beng, there will be complaints.”

“Scenery is Japan but the signs are English. That makes it so weird?”

“Can’t stand it. They’re destroying my childhood memory.”

“Thought this was a pro Chinese behavior. Guess not.”

source: http://www.recordchina.co.jp/group.php?groupid=87984&type=

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